Is a Franchise a Turn-Key Business?

The term TURN-KEY business is often used when describing franchise opportunities.  Franchise applicants believe that once a franchise agreement is signed and the business opens, the phones will start ringing and the customers will come.  There is the expectation that there will be profit within the first year in business.

The truth is that especially in the first year, and even within the first two years, it will require a lot of extra work and long hours.  Although the systems are in place and there are tools and training to encourage success, it will still take dedicated marketing and “feet on the street” to build the business.  The timeframe for a positive cashflow varies from owner to owner.  Every franchise owner should create a business plan to set realistic expectations and ensure funding is available to sustain and grow the business.

Your business will require your time, effort, love, patience, attention and your best YOU.  As the franchise matures and you are making profit and growing in sales (and team members) it will require your leadership to stay on top of all aspects of the operations.

This journey is comparable to a baby who is sleep training.  At first things are difficult and it requires constant involvement to get things on track and establish a routine.  Once the baby sleeps through the night there will be situations that are disruptive like an ear infection that will take things off course for some time. At this point you may need to take a step back, adjust and start the sleep training again.  As much as a franchise may seem to “run itself” the business owner must always be involved to deal with situations as they come and take appropriate decisions.

A franchise is not turn-key.  It is hard work and requires learning, patience and GRIT to get you through the hard days.

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