Is Lunch Lady Franchise Ownership Right for You?


You have decided that now is the time to be your own boss.  Maybe you feel that The Lunch Lady business aligns well with your core values and interests. You are exploring and researching the franchise and equipping yourself with the information you need to make an informed decision. However, it is important also to look within and determine whether or not your own strengths and weaknesses stand up to the challenges of the Lunch Lady franchise opportunity.

According the Canadian Franchise Association there are 10 general attributes of Canada’s top performing franchise owners.  Self-assessment can give you important insight whether or not a Lunch Lady franchise is the right fit for you.

Ask yourself the following:

1 – Are you hardworking?

Like any business, franchising is hard work.  Although you are given the tools, resources and blueprint for success, you will need to put in the hours and effort especially in the first 12 months as you lay the foundation and learn the system. Getting out of your kitchen and marketing to get the business off the ground is top priority and must be part of your business strategy.  Expect to put in lots of extra hours in the beginning and it is always best to have money put aside as it could take a few years to have a full schedule of schools to service.

2 – Are you focused?

Although there is flexibility in the day as the core business revolves around the lunch hour, this is definitely a full-time career.  Expect your work hours to extend into your evenings.  There will also be a learning curve, training and getting into the flow of a daily routine will take some time. Focus and attention to detail is very important to your success.

3 – Are you business oriented?

Although the Lunch Lady business requires you to operate a commercial kitchen, you are not required to have food service experience.  What is most important is you have business acumen and skills to build a profitable business. Without this knowledge and experience, growth could be difficult and managing the day to day tasks may be overwhelming.  As the business owner, you must be the lead operator, manager of your team and also find time to work on the business. Keep in mind that the franchise is an investment.  Maintaining and increasing its value is important as one day you may decide to sell your business.

4 – Are you able to lead?

As a franchise owner, you are the leader of your kitchen and operations which includes building a strong team.  You will need to step in and solve problems when they arise as well as motivate and coach your staff. Without leadership experience you may be faced with a number of obstacles right from the start.

5 – Do you enjoy working with people?

A Lunch Lady franchise owner should be a people person. Interacting with children, your team, customers, school contacts and parents will be a big part of your business.  Much of this interaction will occur face to face or by phone. Strong interpersonal skills are necessary to resolve issues quickly and professionally, which can greatly impact customer retention.

6 – Are you able and eager to communicate?

A successful leader requires effective communication skills.  This includes delegating tasks clearly to team members to ensure that there is no confusion.  Being a good communicator will also help you in your marketing efforts to increase sales with existing clients as well as generate new business.

7 – Are you ready to follow a system?

Acquiring the rights to a franchise entitles you access to a proven system that is consistent across locations.   All franchise partners follow the same blueprint.  This will include our recipes, supplier access, marketing and other Lunch Lady approved requirements.  If you see yourself as a creative entrepreneur who likes to work “out of the box”, a franchise may not be the right fit for you as you could feel stifled following a system.

8 – Are you adaptable?

Do you adapt well to change?  You may be required to do some rebranding over time or adopt new kitchen procedures or marketing methods and/or programs. It may also lead to more training and ongoing learning.

9 – Are you patient?

Building a business does not happen overnight.   While we set you up for success with our proven system and provide our support, patience will be necessary.  Staying focused on your goals and tracking your progress is also key in this process.

10 – Are you passionate?

Having passion for what you do is an essential part of being successful.  When you are passionate others will feel it too and what you do will no longer feel like work.  If you have the passion and love for the brand it will get you through challenging times.


About The Lunch Lady Group

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